Why no GA threads?


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Going to be retiring to GA in next couple of years. I see there are pheasant hunting "plantations" there. Interesting there are zero posts here. Anyone in here from GA?
I'm not from Ga, but I can't leave you hanging.:) I don't know why there are no threads on this board.????? Guess the folks in Ga Have not discovered UPH.:confused:
Hello PNSBALLARD, I live in Atlanta. I am a transplant from Illinois who likes to go hunting in Nebraska, Kansas, or wherever there are some roosters. I believe there are few GA boys on the website. I know of at least two now.
I see a lot of Georgia upland game pay-to-hunt preservations. Looks like every bit of it is pne-raised/released from what I can see. Haven't done that yet. I've been all wild pheasant in North Dakota so far when I was stationed there. Haven't tried the woodcock hunting here in LA yet.
It is all pay-to-play in GA for quail. There are wild birds on Ft Benning if you have access and around Albany(those come at a premium). Also Woodcock on Benning.

Otherwise, this has very little opportunity for a hunter unless you can afford plantation hunts. Public land opportunities are minimal, if any.

Good Luck.
GA UPH snipers

I'm sure there are a number of UPH "members" here in GA. I run into many GA hunters in Kansas each year, and probably most of us don't bother with the plantation shooting here in this state as it is no comparison to the real deal.