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  • True Devotion - Place both your wife and you dog in the trunk for one hour on a warm day. Open the trunk and see which is happy to see you.
    I realize you probably get asked a lot for help from guys wanting to do DIY ND pheasants. I live in ND but along the MN border. A buddy and me wanna go out near Mott and hunt. I have a great lab that was born to hunt roosters in places like that. I went last year on private land and it was a blast. But I want to hunt public or knock on some doors. More fun IMO. But what advice would you give me? We aren't sure when we want to go but have been thinkin we should wait till the corn is down. So mid Nov. maye. What advice would you give me? We are 18 and first year college students so most of our spending money is going towards this.So we wanna get as much help as we can.

    Thanks, Justin.
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