What size ruffland kennel?

Bob Peters

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Hey, if I'm looking for a kennel for a golden retriever 60-65 lbs. do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance. She might even dip to the upper 50s by the end of hunting season.
My Draht is 60-70 and use an intermediate. Just enough room for him to turn around and lay down. He can’t stretch out, but can curl up and lay his head on the floor.

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50-60 intermediate is more than adequate. I've got the large for my 90# lab and its almost too big but the intermediate was too small. He fit fine in the intermediate when he was 65 lbs but quickly outgrew it. Had to sell for the large.


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Have 3 intermediates, my biggest lab is probably 65lbs and that size is fine. I’m looking at that dog now sleeping in a wire crate, and you realize how small an area they actually need when curled up asleep, or, just lying down. 80lb or so I’d go large…maybe even high 70’s?


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I have a couple of goldens and they are fine in the intermediate kennels. I had the large but switched so I could stack them in the back of my F150 supercrew. We can get them back to back and stacked and fit four dogs in the cab with us when we go hunting.


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Large or Intermediate?? Either will work for your 60-65 Goldens. It comes down to how much room you want your dog to have while traveling in the kennel. I've had Brittanys for over 25 years and have always used an Intermediate size kennel. My current Brittany is 35-37 lbs. and I like that she has enough room to stretch out a little on longer trips. It may also depend on how much room you have in your vehicle. Personally, I would recommend the Large kennel for your Goldens.


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I like the large for my labradors. And use the Mud River Insulated Kennel covers with them. I like to put about 4 inches of pine chips in the bottom when traveling to keep them comfortable and warm. When it drops to zero, I can zip them up inside, and they are steaming warm in the morning or when traveling on long trips.
Intermediate is likely to do it but I would use height and length before weight. Once you get over 25-26 inch at the withers, intermediate might become a bit too cozy.