Video Michigan Pheasant hunting


Here's a video of a few gentlemen hunting wild pheasants in Michigan:). This video was dedicated to a relative who passed on.

The last few minutes of the video are kind of a bummer regarding the loss of CPR/habitat:(
i would agree if one of them guys was bigger& calling the roosters rudolphs and the hens girl scouts lol pretty good hunt in mi with the doom and gloom these guys were expecting i bet they were surprized with the results of the hunt...

around my home the pheasant situation is much much worse thats a increadible hunt in my neck of the woods.. western mn is still good ... but wear my dad and i cut my teeth pheasant hunting is now houses mostly some crops very sad indeed...
Hey...don't know how I missed this one! That is a GREAT video! :10sign: Love the bagpipes.
Very cool video. Pheasant hunting was bigger than deer hunting here in Michigan before the "great decline."