To Blue Dog

Well boys, I lost my first ever bird dog today. I have to admit it hurts more than I thought. I rescued Blue at 1 year and 4 months. I remember the guy looked me in the eyes and said “good luck with that dog”. The challenge was a little more than expected to say the least. He wasn’t the greatest family dog.... He wasn’t the greatest pointing dog.... He was just Blue Dog! That picture was the first wild pheasant I ever shot back on November 26, 2007. I was 32 years old with no clue what I was doing and loving every minute of it. We were walking some public ground in Missouri and I look to my left and he’s locked up (he wasn’t known for holding too tight, lol). I turned quick and that rooster popped up flying from my left to right. One shot and it was over. I remember falling to my knees and hugging the heck outta that dog. That there was the start of a bond I could have never imagine could form between man and dog. He will be missed dearly. We’ll push on in 2020 and I will walk that exact field with a smile on my face.
To Blue Dog


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Hey Chris, my heart-felt sympathies on the loss of a great gift in life. I'm sorry for your companion's departure, but think you must feel so grateful that you had a chance to be partners in the hunt, and in life, with him.

I admit to being downright foolish about my dogs. I still speak to those who had to leave and smile at the memories of decades past.

I'm old enough to know that life isn't fair, but I've also learned that one should cherish those unexpected gifts of love, duty, and devotion.

Fare well, where ever you fare.
A big thank you to all of you guys. I loved that darn dog. We both learned the game of upland hunting together and man oh man was it a ride! I've now got a 7 year old GSP and a 12 week old GSP. The puppy is helping me and the family through this time. To the 2020 season!!! I can't wait!