The End?

The last 2 winters we have not had anything near that snow. It won't seem to rain here, so I am guessing no snow either. I am OK with winter droughts. That much snow makes life hard on the birds. Guessing unless you get some above average temps for a week, most will let those birds be for this season. That sucks and all that this early...that snow could still be here in March.
I hunt in central MN and generally the second half of December has some measurable snow on the ground. Some years its quite deep, like knee to waist deep where its drifted up. It really saps my energy quick, and the dog too. I'm always shocked to see people posting photos of roosters in December with no snow on the ground.

We got about 1.5 inches of snow here today, and maybe another inch tomorrow. I can deal with it and the birds can too. Hoping that things work out in ND for you guys. Obviously everyone needs moisture in snow or rain form so its not entirely bad.
Has anyone hunted in snowshoes? My wife and I just ordered them for something to do when pheasant season is over.
I bought a pair a snowshoes and had them for almost 10 years before I used/needed them. A few winters ago, we had a bunch of late snow and extreme cold temps. We had placed a 55 barrel full of shelled corn in a hedgerow by our crp switchgrass, as our food plots were a disaster that year. I bundled-up and walked out to it (short of a half mile) 4 or 5 times and would put out a few 5 gallon buckets of it each time until we had some snow melt. If the conditions are such snowshoes are needed, I will not be stirring-up the birds. Had a trail cam out and after about 3 weeks I finally got all the kinks out (replaced cameras, batteries, memory cards) and got some awesome pics that I posted here. We did have a huge carry-over of birds that winter, I hope that corn I put out was part of that. I hope I never need those snowshoes again. The barrel is there full of corn today...our food plots of grain sorghum did pretty decent this year, so it will have to get really tough to need to feed them again....but I would.
Has anyone hunted in snowshoes? My wife and I just ordered them for something to do when pheasant season is over.
I don't have a lot of experience, but that such as I have prompts me to say--practice before you commit to a long snowshoe walk. Your calves and thighs and lungs will be exerting more energy and drawing more oxygen than you can imagine.

Your body starts to explain the meaning of "old body" real quick.

That said, you can get places with them where you wouldn't try otherwise.

Be safe.

(Oh, and take an aspirin before you go, it will start helping as you tear muscle on the trek.)
Snowshoeing is fun for short periods. I have even hunted ptarmigan with them. I would never use them where there is a lot of brush or weeds of any kind sticking up or just buried out of sight can you say faceplant.
Has anyone hunted in snowshoes? My wife and I just ordered them for something to do when pheasant season is over.
Yes. Hok skis too, which are very short, wide X-country skis. Like others have said, snowshoes aren't bad to hunt from if you are in open country (think prairie) but it gets significantly less fun in brush or cattails.
I'm on the east side of the state. We mostly got rain which turned to ice. Was out on Sunday and the slough and fields were all ice covered. Not good! Didn't see any tracks at two of my usual spots and that's concerning because I usually see plenty of birds. With temps predicted to be below zero this weekend, this season could be a bust.
Going to it a chance , south of the interstate near Hebron, guessing it’s going to be tough, Friday, Saturday, any takers ? Have a party of 3 currently,
It will be a bit chilly. Keep an eye on your dogs if they are kenneled in open air pickup truck beds.

You should see a lot of pheasants holing up along farmyard shelterbelts. If you have access to private land you will be fine.
Has anyone hunted in snowshoes? My wife and I just ordered them for something to do when pheasant season is over.

I have done it a few times for late season hunts in SW ND after major snowstorms. Most places they aren't needed, but to get up and over the drifts, they can really help. Crossing fences with them on can be problematic.

Took a drive around yesterday. Didn’t see any cover that wasn’t completely blown full of snow. Even some of the county roads are still drifted in. Been awhile since the season essentially ended this early.

What is Hok Skiing?​

Hok skiing is similar to snowshoeing, but it is easier and takes less energy as the hok skis (also known as ski-shoes) are designed for sliding, so you do not need to pick your feet up. It basically involves hybrid skis instead of traditional skis that were invented by Asian hunters long ago as a means to enjoying winter more conveniently.

Hok is a word popularly spoken by the natives of Tuva, which means skis. Tuvans use special skis, known as Hok Skis or ski-shoes, in the Altai Mountains region for skiing. Therefore, the practice of skiing is originally called hok skiing, and more recently ski-shoeing.
Birds are doing okay where I am at. The winds blew the fields bare so they can get at food. For hunting not so great, the sloughs are pretty full and the grass is completely flattened. The birds are really clumped up in farmer’s yards doing just fine thank you. Me who I will admit am short find , cRawlings through crotch deep snowdrifts a bit of a challenge. Looks like I will have shells leftover for next year.
Hey all, well, looks like my season is done. Went out yesterday and it was tough going. To back up some, last week over Thanksgiving we had a couple days of melt. Did clear off some areas, but not all.

Got to a couple of my good spots, looked okay as the field I had to cross wasn't deep. Then I got to where I wanted to hunt. The snow depth is deceiving. What looked like ankle or so deep snow turned into knee deep snow! It was tough going for me and my poor Addie kept busting thru the soft stuff.

As to birds, saw plenty!!! I mean they are bunched up good. Must have seen at least 40 or so in one area. Problem is.....they saw and heard you coming and flushed way, way out. Got to the placed where they flushed, hoping that a couple held dice, they were gone. The dog really tried, but just too much for her.

Hit the second place.....same story as the first!

We're supposed to get more snow today and tonight, 1-3" and more after tomorrow. If the winds pick up.....drifting again!