Thanksgiving day hunt

Bob Peters

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Normal Turkey day plans were changed due to virus and other issues, so I decided to go hunting. After late night beers and cribbage it wasn't an early start, but got in the field shortly after 10 am. I am new to hunting and at this point had only got 2 confirmed wild roosters under my belt. Imagine the joy when 20 minutes in, the dog got on a scent, ran hot, and flushed a rooster right in front of me that I knocked down and she could see the entire thing happen and retrieved him for me. I almost cried. Later in the day on a different tract of land I let the dog get out a little far, she found a scent, and ran him down, flushing a long shot rooster that I missed. On the final spot of the day we walked a large spot, she got birdy but nothing jumped. As we approached a 4-way crossroads I hit the ditch and headed west into the corner, towards some thick grass and very high banks leading into it. She followed for a short while, but then walked up the bank and stood on the dirt road. I gave her a light whistle and she came halfway down into the ditch but then walked back up onto the dirt road and stood there. I waited for a moment and became impatient because she wasn't following me and I was nervous about traffic(although I had my ears perked for oncoming vehicles and it was all quiet). Soon I clamored up the steep ditch onto the road and as soon as I got righted, the dog was already gone down the ditch on the opposite side. I just caught a flash of golden fur as she hit the thick weeds well below me. Down in the horsetail weed and brown grass, there was a commotion as the dog sniffed and chased her quarry. It was a deep ditch and I watched it all from far above, my mouth agape, and she flushed that rooster out on a L to R crossing shot just perfect for this lefty, who dropped him with the first shot. She retrieved him right away and was so excited. I love all bird dogs. And I especially love field bred golden retrievers. For me to get two hard won wild roosters on public ground in one day was like Christmas landing on my birthday. If you remember any of my posts from last year I couldn't hit anything. To see it all coming together, my wing shooting improve greatly, and most importantly to get a couple birds for the dog, that is my favorite part and when she is so happy, so am I. Thanks for reading my report, and thanks for taking your bird dogs hunting, they appreciate it more than you or I ever know.original_file_lock.jpg


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what a good dog


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Good job! The other day my dog worked her butt off to flush a public land bird, and he flew right at me, and I missed him 3 times! There was s 30 mph wind.My dog gave me the, how could you,look.I hate to let my dog down!!

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Awesome! Great picture & thanks for sharing your experience! I really enjoy pheasant stories I can so easily relate to & feel like I can see it happening, exactly, in my mind.


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I love your enthusiasm and the fact that you admit your emotions. "almost crying" is what I feel every time I see my dog do the same and I have shot hundreds of birds. That is what it is all about my friend...


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That is awesome, maybe being hungover improves your shooting??????? Good report and nice looking golden! Wishing you continued success for the remainder of the season.


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