Tallgrass Kennels Labs


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Has anyone worked with this breeder or know anything about them? I am in the market for a lab nearby, and have been looking at them.


Pretty slick website with little in the way of useful information.
I have never heard of them or any of their dogs. But in all fairness I'm not very familiar with dogs from the UK.
I was disappointed to see they do not post any health clearances or pedigrees from a more traditional register like UKC, and AKC. Possibly they do not test or register their dogs. If they do not this would be a BIG red flag for me. I also like to see some sort of testing or trialing background and maybe a little less about religion.
Check out KT British labs in MN. I don't know them well but they have a solid reputation locally.


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Thanks for the reply and recommendation. I too thought it was odd they didn't include the standard health and pedigree information. Loved how their dogs looked, but I'm hoping to find one with the looks and a better pedigree.