State Fora in Alpha Order


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New alphabetical arrangement of state fora very fair and proper. ADDENDUM: Nice rearrangement.
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And California finally made the grade! Thanks web guy.
Can you change it back? I liked the old way better:D I want new smiles too:) and more then 6 a post:( That really messes with my spelling because I got to go back and delete all the smiles I put in and I start deleting all my words and that makes me really mad: Whys there a fish and an elk pics on the home page:D


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I just posted a test in Arizona and it worked. Did you make sure to click on Arizona sub-forum or the Other states forum? Try again if you can.

I must not have submitted the post. My bad.

Thanks Ryan and Laser for the great changes to the forum.:thumbsup::cheers:

quail hound

Still more changes yet to come. One thing at a time.


Hey webguy. I'm not sure if its something that can be fixed or not but why do apostrophes turn into question marks when you copy and paste text in a post? It makes for tough reading sometimes on longer articles that we share. Just a question.