Springer spaniel breeder help


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I am looking for a springer spaniel breeder in California or Nevada around the Reno area. I live about 45 east of SF and don't mind driving 6-7hrs. I was only able to find one breeder that raised field dogs called California Springers in Rio Vista. Does anybody know about that breeder? I also tried contacting the Stockton field trial association and was unable to reach anyone. If someone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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I really don't have any experience with any breeders but they should be able to provide refernces. A reputable breeder will have health certifications and guarantees on pups, if a breeder does those things and the pedigrees have a few AFC/FC and even MH and no CH (bench champion) I'd say go for it. Another member from southern California springerchaser may be able to help as he is in the field trial game. I haven't seen him on here lately but if you send a PM he might respond.


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Anyone who is planning to spend all the money a good dog now costs should look into if the breeder does DNA testing for the gene that results in Progressive Retinal Degeneration. Breeders can now test for it but it's a recent test. My Labrador has it and will probably be totally blind in a year. She's 8 and still a healthy dog in all other aspects. Like bad hips, dogs with the gene shouldn't be bred.
Do some checking on your breeder.


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If you want a fully trained 2 to 3 year field trial springer that didn't quite make it,which is better trained then 98 percent of dogs hunted. Contact me and will refer you to a guy that has two. They usually run 2500 bucks.