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  • Kevin is like most midwest judges. Hard charging bird finders.:) But he does like a dog that covers the coarse. Also a obedient dog. Kevin is a good guy. Let him roll. Hope he's feeling better. I just got my test taken, could not believe it but got a 100%. Now I will aprentice a couple. Tim wants me out east so I might do that, then later in WI. No hury, for now want to run Odie and River too. Good luck out there.
    Youve been at this a while. Your right, that will be tough to repeat as we all know. But never say never when you have a couple good dogs like that. It's nice when you cut em loose and they are clicking on all 8 on a weekend. Just get the luck part with no goofy crap to happen, and you will do it again. I might pop out to CO.
    Sweet, I wish I could bop out there where it's warm. Have fun, good luck and I will look for you on the results :) At least if Chase gets his win and points, he doesn't have to wait for his owner this time for his title. LOL. Where did you get your other dog from?
    No water test yet. Hopefully there will be one in Feb. Got back from SD last week. Lots of corn up. But always got a few birds each day, With limits one day on friends private land. Hunted around Bowdle on Hwy 12. Quite the drive from here.
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