season update again...


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I need to get busy and post some pics...been out of sorts since last Saturday when Ace had to have emergency surgery to remove a blockage in his intestines....he's doing much better....supposed to get his stitches out on Monday....I have approx 500 pics or so to sort through from the last couple week's


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Hopefully she's not asking YOU were they came from:rolleyes: lol

Glad to hear your dog is doing well. You have one heck-of-a dog on your hands rascal:thumbsup:

I'm looking forward to you photos!



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Try to watch him as he may try to eat additional clothing. My brother lost a lab as the dog had a desire to consume clothing. He did pass some shorts and did not seem the worse for the ordeal. He later ate several more pieces and required surgery. He was watched but yet managed to down a pair of socks. There was not sufficient intestine to complete the surgery successfully.

Good luck with your dog.


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Wow bad deal with that lab. Yea he's done it several times in the past..always passed them without a problem...we had no idea when and where he got these unless was parking lot at state ground girlfriend has a girlfriend lol