For the last remaining checking in I thought I'd report we were at Sandpines game farm yesterday for the rooster only special. Still very good cover and little snow. Put out 10 roosters and flushed at least 25 birds. So a lot bonus birds to be had. Sadly I had to put down my 12 year old yellow lab this week so watching my 11 month old make good progress on the birds yesterday really helped put a smile back on my face.


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Do you have to be a member? What is the rooster special? I've been looking into getting to a game farm to scratch the itch now that the seasons been over for awhile.


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You don't need to be a member. I think the price for releasing all roosters was $23 or $25 a bird? They sent out an email on it last week. Check their website they also have some European hunts coming up as well.


I have a hunt setup at Sandpines on 3.2.18. Having 9 birds released. What do they charge you for scratch birds? sounds like you flushed a lot more then what they planted for you.