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Does anyone have any experience with the short-lived side by side Ruger made in 2005? It was called the Gold Label. I have a Red Label that I used a lot and thought it was a great all around hunting shotgun. For the last decade I have been using old side by sides for hunting any time I didn't need to use steel or other non-toxic. When I need to use non-toxic I tend to use my Red Label or SBE 2. The Gold Label was advertised as steel shot compatible, so it may be a reasonable compromise; but I'd like to hear from someone who uses one before I consider plunking down about 4K for a used Gold Label.
Did you look at the Ruger thread on Shotgunworld? There may be some good info on your potential purchase
Not an expert, I think there’s better alternatives for the $, including buying a gun for 1/2 or 2/3 of that price and shooting bismuth, etc, when u need non-tox.
I believe KSBrittman shoots one. I'm not sure why they didn't stay in production longer as the red label O/U's are pretty solid guns. I would like to have one.
Only handled one, not shot. It felt clunky, but I don't care for any 12 sxs. I agree with benelli banger though. Ther's no way I would pay that when you could get a good American classic or a nice Turkish, Spanish or Italian for half that. But hey, it's your money and this is still Merica! Go for it!
Thanks everyone. I took Benelli-Banger's and BrdHunter's advice and did look into it. It sure didn't get the high praise you might expect for a gun that is going for over four thousand dollars. I was interested because I like shooting the American classics, Foxes, L.C.s, Parkers and one Baker that I think may be the most overlooked of them all. I was thinking it might be nice to add a newer American side by side, but I think I'm going to pass on the Gold Label.
I have no knowledge of the quality of the Gold Label but I always liked the looks of them. I often wonder why Ruger never made them in a 20 ga. You would think a 20 ga. Gold Label would have sold better.
I have heard of the Gold Label, but I have never actually seen one. If you are serious about a modern SxS, you could also look for a Browning BSS. They are also discontinued, but I know they made 12's and 20's. One pops up occasionally and they usually go for between $1k and $2k. I think some were made with choke tubes and some had a selectable trigger but not all of them so you have to check them carefully.

Yes Ksbrittman has one , I harvested the first 5 birds that I aimed it at , fits me well . sxs 12 ga under 7 lbs .

Shoot me a pm if you want more info, or if you are ever in Northeast Ks and want to shoot some hand thrown clays with mine you are welcome to .
For the right $ I’d love a gold label! I shouldered a benelli 828 o/u yesterday and was tempted, but not for 3k…
One of my best friends recently retired. Bought himself a couple presents. A new f150 4x4 and the 828. I keep trying to get him to go shoot but I think he's afraid he'll scratch it! I would have already had a case ran through it. I keep shitting him about letting me shoot the space gun as I call it. Because it looks so modern and has so many cool new features! If I ever get to shoot it I'll post about it.
I have handled a clays course in Iowa years ago. Never shot it. I was slightly intrigued as I do like a SxS. But...the Gold Label had trigger issues, barrel issues (poor barrel regulation), poor choke fitting. They were 'drilled' less than true into the barrels. Patterns suffered. I read where at one event a choke tube even left the barrel when shot with some guns.

I'm sure a lot of this is still out there with a modest search. Everyone always has an opinion...for me I sure wouldn't buy one except as a Ruger collectable. Only about 3000 made and a lot went back to the factory. In another 10-20 years you might get a modest return from a diehard Ruger collector.