Puppy bird and gun intro


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Hey guys, my nephew is looking for a trainer to put his yellow lab pup thru a bird and gun intro in a couple months when she reaches 6 months. He's in the North metro of mpls and would like to stay in state. So far he has looked at Dokkens which may be his choice. Just looking for others good trainers that may offer a similar program.*

Also, Anyone have experience with Wings & Whistles in Watertown Mn.?

Thanks in advance.*


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No experience with Wings and Whistles but have used Brian Roushar, West Country Kkennels.

Would assume most of the area trainers would be at the Sportshow, later this month.

Good Luck with your new puppy!


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Best guy out there right now for young dog training is Tim Springer with Dynamic Retrievers. He is in the north metro and trains all summer at Marine on the St. Croix. Look him up on facebook or his website dynamic retrievers. he will be home from Texas in about a month.