Now it's affecting my subconscious


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Last night, in my dreams, I drove and boated all over the Sacramento Valley. Everywhere. I didn't see or hear a single pheasant. Now they don't even exist in my dreams.

quail hound

Saw a handful and heard a lot more in the White Slough/ Honker Cut/ Disappointment Slough area this spring while bass fishing, they're out there.
You guys got some pretty cool looking quail though. Couple different species too. Same here in Mid-Missouri. Farmers will see pheasants every now and again. But you dont see em when hunting. Quail do well though. But the bobwhites dont look as awesome as those valley quail! They are on the bucket list.


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Can't go to the refuge anymore offseason as the one by my house is locked up now when hunting season is closed. I am sure there are plenty of birds around. I am thinking conditions were pretty good in my area this year for a good hatch.