Nicely started American Brittany Puppy

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I have a nicely a started AkC registers 11 month old Brittany. This is an incredible nice young dog she is force fetched and Whoa broke she points backs and retrieves to hand. Has been on wild and raised birds. She has great bloodlines with 2 HOF dogs in her 4th generation. She has an incredible nose and is very bold and eager to please. She runs very nice if let go would be a very large running puppy.

Call or text for pictures and videos


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Can you post some pics and the pedigree on this forum? I wish this dog had been available about 3-4 months ago. It's exactly what I was looking for but I ended up picking up a 6 month old female Brittany in January. Good luck in finding her a home.

K&J kennels

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Yes that is a picture of her. I am sorry I do not no how to transfer pictures to this forum. Please feel free to text me for pictures or videos or I can send them via email
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has this dog been sold? I have a older friend whos britt passed away recently, and he is in the market for a new Brittany.. he wants a trained , or mostly trained britt... he is in his 70's ,and wants to go hunting, and not training.. he is in good heatlh