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  • Never tried grass land.

    Am leaving tomorrow from Houston. Will hunt with my brother on our way to Pierre. I have a lab. We will be going through Presho. Do you have leads there.

    We are meeting about 7 others and 2 more dogs to hunt Mon thru Thursday. We will have a combination of private land and public. Mostly in Scott County and up towards Gettysburg
    I am considering the Ft. Pierre grasslands for a few days. Two guys and a big running shorthair. Would you advise it? Any areas better than others.

    All info greatly appreciated. We are hunting some private land around Presho after that
    if we do it.

    Would like to hear about where to hunt around Presho, Winner, or Chamberlain.
    Willing to pay to hunt wild birds and work good cover. Any leads would be greatly
    appreciated. Prefer October and mid to late December. Thanks. Steve Vecchio
    81 5 540 5012
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