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quail hound

Last season I took a friend of mine and his uncle out for a day of quail and a day of pheasant hunting here in Central CA. As it turned out I bagged the only birds both days but my guests really enjoyed themselves and my friends wife (who is a photographer) took some really nice pics of the trip. Today my friend stopped by and dropped off this gift for me, a beautiful picture of JP and I printed on wood, a really awesome gesture from him.

Here are a few more pics from our days hunting.

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1. GREAT and thoughtful gift, with a timeless and memorable photo.

2. Wonderful shot of the pup in mid-air--could well be a breed-standard illustration of a field ESS.

3. You get great gifts.


quail hound

Thank you Kis. It really is an awesome gift of a very rare moment of a stationary springer looking for direction.

The one of him in the air is far more telling of what is normal while hunting behind a decent ESS, even an aging one like JP.


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