New Jersey?


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Meh, it's all good. I've met up with a nice group that has welcomed me to hunt with them. Yesterday they brought a new hunter. Just got his license the day before. I spotted a rooster and got the kid lined up to make his first kill. I flushed it or him and he got it in one shot. His father got to watch the whole thing. It was great. This same group welcomed me to hunt with them on my first day of pheasant hunting, thanksgiving 2011. Hunted by myself all last year, and connected with them on opening day this year. I'm having more fun and shooting fewer birds and not minding the lack of birds.


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I watch Boardwalk Empire! Last time I went across From Philly to Bath, there looked like a decent amount of cover, a lot in peoples yards. If you can hunt it, I am sure there are birds there. They got pheasants in Detroit! Elizabeth City can't be far behind. The waterfowling was spectacular, also a friend who swore the piney woods were great for quail in the 1930's till around 1975. He hunted near the Fort Dix? and also in Delaware! Keep the sport alive! Some one sent pictures here on the forum about suburban roosters in New Jersey. Look back so see them and the sender!