new guy from eastern kansas


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hey guys have enjoyed reading this forum the last couple of months and thought i would come out of the shadows. I have hunted pheasants for many years since i was 12 or so out in norton and oberlin kansas. Went to south dakota for a late season hunt the last couple of years and had a blast. Looking to meet and possibly do a little hunting in kansas.


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Welcome to the site:thumbsup:
What type of dog do you have?

jimmy j

Like you Iam new to site but have been reading posts for awile and decided to join the fun. I hunt in Russell,osbourne and lincoln counties in Ks and in Ok too.


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Welcome to UPH, We have a Blast here daily, drop by and join us..........Bob


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Welcome to uph. Jump right in the water is fine. Most of us don't Bite. Are dogs might, But not hard. Welcome don't be a recluse. :)


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i appreciate all of the pictures and stories. after hunting upland for many years i sort of took a break while my kids were young. i have just started back up again the last couple of years. it didn't take long to catch the fever again. i am fairly obsessed again.