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Hi my name is Adam and I am an alco... err new bird hunter. I recently moved to Northwest, MT and have been inspired to start bird hunting due to my location and 6 month Brittany named Sienna. I have shot a few Pheasants in the past but really have not had much experience shooting or handling a hunting dog. I have learned some through books however I could really use some first hand advice/hunting partner to help me on my way. These forums seem like a perfect place to look for both. I will be shooting a .20 gauge Remington Model 870 with multiple barrels being donated from my pops gun collection. I'm looking forward to learning a new sport and getting to know everyone on these boards.

My first question to the community would be how the heck does a guy find a decent section of land to hunt and which land holds birds and which doesn't? I would like to find some Huns or Grouse and I really have no idea where to start.


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First off, welcome to the site. Secondly, there are numerous gents on here that will be more than happy to help you with your problems. As far as finding land to hunt on I'm not familiar with Montana so I can't be of any help. Are you traveling to ND or SD to hunt birds? If you are I'm positive that the gents from those states will chime in and give you all the help you could ever need. Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.....:thumbsup:
Not sure about making it to the Dakotas this year, would like to get a season under my belt before making any longer trips, anywhere in Western Montana/Idaho/Eastern Washington might be some possible destinations this year.
I have a buddy that moved from KS to E MT. He's experienced some great KS pheasant hunts in his day, but claims that Eastern Montana has as many or more pheasants than much of W KS. Not sure what the W side of the state is like.
Welcome acf, I am happy to see a new body around here. I live in Washington and around here to find places to hunt. We ask the Game and Fish Department. A biologist or a Game warden should know the areas that are state owned and hold the birds you seek. I like your choice of shotguns a 870 in 20 gauge is a great gun and should do very well for you.......Bob
Welcome to UPH...from the TX Panhandle. Good luck with your new "hobby"!
AFC, pheasants are cropland oriented birds. That being said, cropland often provides little in the way of cover during the winter. Therefore, you have to look at the big picture and see not only the cropland where they feed, but also the winter cover where they roost and escape the weather. Drive the country you want to find land in with a plat map. Look for birds on the road, tracks, listen for them and just plain do the ground work leading into the season. Once you find areas that hold promise, start knocking on doors and asking for permission. If someone does say yes, have them mark your map so you know their boundaries. Let them know you'll respect their ground, family, and livestock. Ask if they have anything they want you to avoid or to do. Then, either during the season or near the end, take them by a card and a ham or set of gloves and let them know how important that their land was to your enjoyment. They'll remember you the coming year.