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Gonna make this as short as possible. I know nothing about bird dogs aside from the fact my 9 month old female is a pain in my a**. I got a 10 week old puppy from a bird dog rescue according to them she came from two hunting parents & her lines were all hunting dogs. So fast forward to now. I have ran a dna test and she is about 70% pointer & 20% Llewellin & 10% Irish. This dog doesn’t stop. All she wants to do is run, swim and run away for an hour to I assume to “hunt things” then comes back (has only happened once). She was supposed to be my competition obedience dog but she is extremely spacey. Responds great but could honestly give a damn what I’m doing. I feel like I am trying to get her to do something she doesn’t enjoy. I want to give her a job but I am located in South Carolina and I don’t have the resources for any of this. I’m gonna get some pigeons from a friend who races them and see what she does. I had a few people give me some advice on how to test the waters and see how she reacts. I’m about at my wits end as for having this dog in my home. She needs to run twice daily or she cries all night & runs around our house knocking into everything.

Is all this behavior normal for a dog of these breeds? Also does anyone know of any clubs near or in South Carolina. I don’t mind traveling a bit. What is the best route to take from here as for starting her on birds? View attachment 9310


You are not going to like my answer.
She sounds like any puppy, exercise twice a day is the absolute minimum for a young dog. Enroll her in obedience classes as it will help her social skills, exercise her mind and body, and give her life skills it sounds like you need. Don't get hung up on the bird part, if you want an OTCH dog train for that, or maybe agility might be her game.
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Are you a hunter and do you want a bird dog...those questions need to be answered first. That's quite a combination of breeds and she could be a rock star. I agree with Gatzby...exercise and obedience for now. Google and UPH are your friends to find trainers. Good Luck...she a unique and good looking dog.
Considering the breeds you mentioned and not fully knowing her bloodlines-I absolutely do not think she is abnormal. As JM mentioned- I too feel she may pontentailly turn out to be a rockstar!
In a nutshell: Definitely need to exercise her everyday, this is also a fantastic way to bond with her-which is super important at this stage in her development. Putting in a little time everyday-you'll see a difference pretty quick.
Also, I would focus on commands at this time too. I would continue to focus on these three things I mentioned till you have a solid 'handle on her' patient . I personally wouldn't introduce her to any birds until you have bonded to her and are solid on commands.
I’d have that puppy on a check cord when it is not crated. This way she learns that when you go somewhere, so does she. Have LOTS of treats and kill her with kindness. You 2 are gonna get to know each other REALLY well as all your time is going to be spent together. Let her learn that all the fun she has is a direct result of being with you.

If you have a large fenced in area that the dog can’t jump over, let her run there while dragging the check cord. At that age, they have so much energy inside that is just begging to get out. Let her wear herself out before you even attempt to give her a command. If not, you can guess the outcome.

As for right now, she’s a puppy and that’s what they do (especially with the dominate breed in her). Just remember if she’s not in the crate, she is on a check cord.

I’m by no means a dog trainer, but I have two teenaged boys and a GSP. Neither of them have been involved with the law and all three were kept on a “check cord” and allowed to have a ton of fun with me. It’s worked for me, and countless others who have raised hunting dogs and young men.
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Plant some birds for her and see if she’s birdy

Does she point tweety birds or squirrels or anything ?

Pointers are independent driven dogs I have 7 of them, they are genetically programmed to run and hunt

Not a good choice for obedience competition dog she will want to go out and seek birds

Buy some pigeons or quail or go to a preserve that plants quail and let her work them

If she shows a lot of interest (she may not point at first she may just chase) then you have a choice to make

Get into hunting dogs or find her a decent owner that understands bird dogs and wants one

Assuming you’ve already spent time with obedience training The check cord idea is not practical, you will both end up frustrated.