My dove field looking great

Looking great! You and Miss D will have a lot of fun out there I'm sure.
A picture is worth a thousand words, that is a good looking sunflower field. Rain, rain, rain is not all bad.

We should have a good quail hatch. In addition to that, the Panhandle is not the only part of Texas that that have wild pheasants. I know for sure there are wild pheasants in the rice fields south of Bay City and a few all the way down to Blessing, I have seen many of them. Chambers county also have a few, but no open season outside the Panhandle.

And wild pheasants are seen near the small lakes around Cleburne and near lake Alvarado.

Have anybody stocked wilder strains of pen raised pheasants (like a Manchurian Pheasant or the Afghan Whitewing pheasant also call the Bianchi pheasant) in that area where the sunflower field is located. Check out are article below:
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