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  • What are the dates for this year’s pheasant hunt at Plainview? I plan to hunt both days this year.

    I’ve got a new pup so I’ll be bringing 3 pointing dogs this time.
    Give me a call it will be a whole easier Yes dogs are welcome, cost is 150 a day meals included we hunt sat and sun my # is 254 534 3255
    I posted asking for more details about pheasant hunting around Plainview, but figured it might be easier to just message you instead.

    What is the cost to hunt? How many other people and dogs will be involved? Can I bring my two English Pointers? Where around Plainview is the hunt taking place?

    I live about 3 hours east from Plainview, near Abilene. My dogs have had a lot of wild quail shot over them. I went to Kansas last week and hunted pheasant with the dogs and they are equally adept at that as quail.

    Any and all information is appreciated!
    For whatever reason I have not gotten your pm. Can you try and send it again when you get a chance.
    Sallysue, Made it back to Ft. Hood finally! Wife is settled and we are ready for Dove Season (almost)! Any idea where I can find a land plot that is not too expinsive and will treat us well during this dove season? Thanks for any information that you might have! 1-817-727-1523 is my cell if you would rather call. thanks again. Adam
    Just an FYI, there will be a Hunt test on April 9 & 10 at the same place the field trials were. You might want to see some other breeds work.


    Dave Flint
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