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Ranger Danger

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Looks like a real good time !!!

The fur looks like a badger ? Was he pointed ?
Nope. Saw him running the milo and the farmer traps and usually has his heelers so his dogs ran him down and the hole he found kept his head exposed. I keep my dogs away from them. My veteran dog pointed a coyote last year in some milo, heck he's pointed all sorts of critters.


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Happy kid and pup from yesterday. They both had a good time.

***gun on the tailgate was unloaded for anyone wondering***


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when my PP was just a pup he pointed a badger.....they were 10 yards apart, thankfully i got him to back off as soon as i saw the critter!
they will flat tear a dog up!


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We got too close to one opening weekend, I think cheesy posted a picture of it here. Had a hard time keeping his 1 1/2 yr old shorthair from wading into that mess.


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Here's the one from opening day. Part of me wishes I'd shot it and tube skinned it out and tanned to go with my other decor, part of me is glad I left him alone. My buddy said he wasn't growling, hissing, and spitting because he was mad, he just wanted to have his belly scratched....

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Looks like a great day there, Ranger Danger.

Cheesy, my dogs had one pointed a few years back too, but I was able to grab Daisy's collar and ease backwards out of there. I was ready to shoot it if it charged, but thankfully it just cussed us and then went down its hole as we left. No way in hell I would have tried rubbing its belly. :cheers: