Looking for a good dog near Lubbock


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I'm looking for a first time pointer to work with myself, I have trained waterfowl dogs and helped with a friends gsp but I need my own. anybody know of a good dog forsake prefer a pup registered that's not gonna cost me my mortgage.

SSgt K

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I've got some setter pups that will take you to all the birds that your friends' GSP misses. I'm in Canyon. Not looking to make money, just want them to go to someone who will use them. This is my last litter, momma's getting fixed next month.


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Oh f***king mortgage!
The thread reminds me when I was in a difficult situation with a house loan 3 years ago. I failed with payments because of the divorce from my ex. We were fighting about our dog as well. At that time I lived in London and I was really disoriented with money making. I decided that I need a credit extension and went to some lenders but most places were not ready to do it for me. I could not get credit for a long time, sure it is not about racism lol (I have a friend who likes to say about all my failures that "it`s all because you black, dude")

Just my job wasn`t really that good for getting any bank loans, especially for a mortgage. One company located in Coventry helped me out that time Mortgage Advice Doncaster they are cool guys, many thanks, now my parents live in that house