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Any KY bird hunters on here? I am going to try Elk Creek for pheasant and quail in November, although its pen raised birds seems that wild quail are few and far between here.

I go to Kentucky once a year to quail hunt. They are few and far between. We usually find 2-3 coveys on the farm we hunt. It is just outside of Paducah. More of a tradition really. Got my first setter from down there.
I have Ruffed Grouse hunted in SE Kentucky. I have always though the western 3rd of the state looked really '' quailsh''.
Fellow KY bird hunter

Hey Gents, I recently relocated to western KY and have been hunting birds for over 35 years. There are some quail in Kentucky, I've had some success on farms in the CREP program. I mostly travel west to chase birds....Kansas, Montana and Nebraska. I hope to make some new friends and please drop me a line if you are in western KY or southern Indiana....I have 3 setters.
nice to meet you, I am in Central KY and heading to SD for pheasant this year but would love to hunt in KY for quail.