I have Quail Need Hunter with a dog!


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I have 800 acres in south San saba County with a lot of quail all over the place. I wanna hunt them but have no dog. Never quail hunted , but have hunted my entire life. Any one who is interested in bringing your dog and hunting with me and my son please reply. Call or text Todd 254-913-8873

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I have 2 quail dogs, german short hairs ---- they are both exceptional hunters. I am 64, live in Temple, and am an old time bird hunter. I like to shoot at birds part of the time and take a movie of the hunt part of the time. I am available at any time. I could probably get some great movies of you and your son shooting. I have a lease in OK, but to run out to San Saba would be an easy hunt. If I can, I will post a movie and a couple of pics that I snipped out of the movie. Donald ----- 254 718 6893

here is the movie --https://www.dropbox.com/s/6g4snxvz34wa3g5/both%20dogs%20on%20point%2C%20snip%20it%20movie.MOV?dl=0

here are some pics that I took out of that movie

I cant figgure out how to post the pics,,, send me your email if you are interested and we can go from there. donebousquet@aol.com
Hi Todd, I'm located just south of you in the hill country. I got a couple of GSP ''s that are a treat to hunt with. They get alot of "work" as i have access to good amount of quail in the rolling plains region.but it would be a real treat for me to hunt so close to home! I'd love to help you out if the opportunity is still availible.
I have a Brittany, I live in Austin, and we guide on a quail hunting preserve in Johnson City. Let me know if you interested. I'm always looking for more places to run