How do I?


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I believe there are a couple of rules and or issues you have to follow:
1. You can be a paid advertiser to the site, or
2. You are selected as a moderator.

There may be others, but that's what I know. Other moderators may chime in with more options.


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This is what it says in the "Terms & Conditions":

1. Signatures & External Links

A. Signature Links. Signatures that have external links are NOT ALLOWED unless you are a paying Sponsor. Only 1 forum member per sponsorship is allowed to carry an external link. If you would like to carry a signature link, please contact Ultimate Pheasant Hunting for advertising information at the following link:

B. Signature Content. No political, religious or distasteful content. Moderators have the right to remove the signature content and will notify members of the change in a respectful manner.