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Things are looking good in NC Iowa. I saw the first babies on the road June 24th. I now see baby pheasants almost every day. Great spring with timely rains (no gully washers)and lots of bugs for them to eat. I see a lot of HUNs too. We have a lot of the bird flu on the chicken and turkey farms in my part of Iowa. I haven't read anything about the flu bothering the wild pheasants though. I am keeping my fingers crossed. They say that warm weather is keeping the flu at bay for now.


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Luckily the Chicken Farms in my county have been unaffected. I drive to Algona, IA everyday to work and have been seeing several pheasants along gravel roads and while out scouting on weekends. Lots of hens and I'm wondering if there wasn't a second hatch this year. I see a lot of what look juvenile and then have stumbled on chicks along a gravel road about a half mile away. I've been able to get more pictures of ducks and pheasants this year more than ever, so I'm hoping that's a good sign, not just that I'm spending more time out scouting. :p


Running the combine hard this last few days. Getting many more birds up than in recent years.

A few very young roosters.

Looks like most of the corn will be out around here. Birds will be in the cat tails staying close to water, very dry.


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That's great news MC. Thanks for sharing. If you don't mind me asking, how are yields looking thus far?



Finished the corn field next to the lake last night.

As I topped the hill I saw 25-30 birds fly into the catails, most likely more went before I got there, some ran where I couldn't see them I imagine.

That field was corn last year, saw maybe two birds.

You figure the % increase.