Going through some old family photos


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Both my folks passed away a couple years ago. I’ve finally decided to sit down and sort the photos and related keepsakes that they accumulated. Tough job, lots of good memories and a few tight throat times.

My folks never discussed much about their early life, snippets here and there. Dad enlisted when he was 17 because he thought his older brother would whip’em before he could get there. He was wrong. Dad was pretty much abandoned when is parents divorced. His girl friend’s dad was on the draft board and signed the papers to get him in. The girl friend (mother) went to work in the bomber plant by Omaha right out of high school, 17 year old girl right off the farm wiring the most advanced machine in the world.

Never saw any photos of mother during this time but I ran across two:

She was training to ferry bombers to the Hawaiian islands when the war ended.


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Nice. I have a similar story but about my grandma. She was your typical "Rosey the riveter" you'd see from those old WW2 era posters with the woman rolling her sleeves up. She grew up in Duluth MN which is right on Lake Superior. She lied about her age so she could get a job during the great depression, she was 13 and lied and said she was 16 so she could work at a local ice cream shop in the 30s. Then when WW2 started, she was a welder at the shipyards in Duluth. Welding battleships and any number of other ships used during the war. I wish my family had some pictures of that era but they've all been lost over the years.