For your health


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I know this is a hunting board but were else will you find a bunch of guys. I hope every guy over 50 (general guidelines say 55) have a PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen blood test).

For a variety of reasons my brother-in-law had not, until 60, and now we are learning he has advanced prostate cancer. He had no symptoms whatsoever. I have remarked about his ability to “hold it” as I, at 65, require frequent stops on long drives. We are hopeful for a good outcome, but it is concerning. I have been making initial plans for a 2023 pheasant hunt for a group and only hope he will be with us and health enough to do the walking a pheasant hunt requires. For several years we had also talked about an archery elk hunt which we should have never put off this long.

Bottom line,,,,GET A PSA! Even without insurance it shouldn’t be more than $100.00-150.00. It is as important as your wife’s annual exam. Just, guys don’t talk about it…..I am!