First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.


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Just returned from a 16 day swing through Montana. NE was as good as last year on sharpies I would say the Huns were down slightly. Central Montana was better this year on Huns and Sage, but way down on Sharpies. Mountains were full of Dusky’s.AA49A415-D9E3-4C6F-940E-B4511152F0F5.jpeg59FB23C2-6F9F-40C8-A6A1-812C83030A57.jpeg Big groups and multiple contacts every time out. Weather was hotter this year, but still a great trip. West central looks like good numbers on Ditch Parrots.
Headed out tomorrow afternoon for the 21 hour drive to Montana. First trip and very excited. Sounds like I might even squeeze in a Big Horn river trip. I’m a bird hunter traveling with a fly fisherman at heart and let him convince me a day on this river would be worth it. Really just can’t wait to see Montana. Will let everyone know how we do.
Had a great trip to MT. No trip is without trouble and fortunately these are all funny stories now. My buddy has a young Brittany who we were unable to stop from biting a porcupine more than once and then proceeding to break stupid on a herd of pronghorn the following day(problems with the training collar). We definitely did not see a lot of birds, but was able to get a handful of sharp tails and a rooster. Really wanted that first hun, but struck out there. Did have several good points though from my setter that resulted in a wild flush on a single. We did see a couple coveys of huns from the road in the mornings and evenings. It was exciting at least to see some and know that we were in the right area. We were fortunate enough to get an invite to fish the Big Horn river and I caught my first nice brown trout. It was really a beautiful time in that river. I will be back to chase the huns and probably fish again. Beautiful state and the countless hours of driving was worth it.B67B2D4D-04C0-4CFC-AAC9-20B4D0CADF98.jpeg


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Just got back from MT. Cover wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Saw plenty of pheasants. Never in all the years, 15, have I seen as many huns as we did this year. Big covies. Never flushed a sharptail. Back out in 3 weeks.

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I posted my concern regarding the pheasant population in Montana considering the drought we are suffering. However, I am pleasantly surprised at the number of ringnecks we found. Not a bonanza year for pheasants, but certainly a good population. As far as Huns and Sharpies-- I cannot remember seeing better populations for these species-- I am a 67 year old, 4th generation Montanan whose seen many bird seasons.