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If I ever get a female, it will be Sioux. Easy to call...or yell. Mrs wouldn't go with that for our new male GSP.
Could be a good title for a song "A Dog Named Sioux" kinda catchy!


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So could Maggie. Wake up Magie I got something to say to you!!
Yep that song was going thru my head when I typed my last comment........

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I always try to choose a name that can be shortened to one syllable to make commands easier and clearer for the dog (and me). As an example, our current two labs are Reba and Gemini. Reba becomes "Rebe" in the field and Gemini becomes "Gem". Both allow emphasis for commands. That has made my life easier over the years. Multiple syllable names that sound weird or can't be shortened somehow just don't work for me.


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Re-reading thread, it occurred to me that one of the long distance aviators had a teddy bear in the cockpit she named "Dammit."

That's an endearment I have used occasionally when hunting. Just seems appropriate for the moment.


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My wife is into horses. A young female horse is a Philly so that's what we named our Britt pup. Call name: Philly. Registered name: Philomena Dianna the Huntress VonFelix.


I named my new Vizsla pup Goose. I always let my kids provide ideas for names and my oldest son really liked the name Goose. My wife and daughter couldn't come up with anything better and I am not particular, as long as it isn't too long of a name or too stupid.

Current dogs are named Abby and Belle....and now Goose.


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There are sometimes two names for a dog: the name on its AKC registration which is traditionally three names like a person's name on a birth certificate. The other name is the dog's call name. I prefer one syllable call names: Sport, Butch, Gus, Mags, and Jen are examples. I've also thought that I would call my next dog either Girl or Boy which gets reinforced with "good boy" and "good girl." Brittanys were created in France, so Elle (el) for a female and Homme (home) for a male would work nicely.
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Re-reading this thread brought back a memory of an old friend who took in a female shelter dog of mixed heritage.

She named the dog: "Lotus Blossom, creature of intrigue and mystery."

Dog developed an attitude.