Combines Rolling Miner and Sanborn Co?

Matt D

Got a text from North central part of the state this evening. 4000 acres of beans out. Started on corn. This is the exception of the guys I e talked to as most haven’t started yet. All I will say is once it’s fit there won’t be much sleeping going on. They are gonna be busy.


In laws got all their beans out end last week. South of Aberdeen. Other family members up that way were wrapping up with beans as well.


not a lot of combines rolling in those two counties...some, just some...crops still pretty moist...

I'm hunting in northern sanborn and southern beadle . Lots of beans still in and a sea of corn. To say it is wet would be a great under statement. We did good Saturday but struggled yesterday. Ducks everywhere. One more day to hunt than homebound

A5 Sweet 16

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Northeast Miner....some beans have been picked. Little to no corn.


Just got back from that area. Temp hit 6 one morning, 2-3 inches of snow, ducks and geese were heading south in droves - fun to watch.

My observation - pretty unscientific - most beans picked, very little corn. Talked to farmer friends and they said part of the problem is the moisture in the corn, not just wet ground. Saw very little corn being harvested even on higher, drier ground.

Hunting was the toughest I've seen in decades. Some of my usual sweet spots held no birds. Most of our success was late afternoon I think as birds were leaving the corn.

Motels usually full were almost empty, no lines at restaurants, has to be tough on their economy. I hate rubber boots but its all I got to wear. Glad I didn't put the hip boots on but to cross some of the ditches would have needed them. Friends that have lived there 50 years think its the wettest fall they've seen. Did a lot of backing the truck up because of flooded roads.

Good news is the birds we found held pretty well. Strangely some days we did not see a hen only roosters, maybe 80% of the birds we flushed were roosters. All our roosters were mature birds, none I would call late hatch.

Looking forward to going back when more corn is picked.
Boots on the Ground Miner and Sanborn...
Tough Hunting. Hunted mostly CREPs which were swamps.
Managed to find one field that was getting cut... Bingo... 3 Birds in the bag. Otherwise very little corn cut and roads where hot mess and muddy as hell. Spent $ 20 power washing mud off vehicle.
Birds only active in pm heading to roost and in the corn
Hunting got good on Monday with the freeze.
Still had fun with my son. Hope to get back out in early Dec.