Birds up….

I am a little suspicious that partridge counts are at 1992 levels. We will see. In 1990-1992 they were everywhere we walked.
They have been at the top of population peaks for the last several years where we hunt. But things can change fast for the little birds. It is the fourth peak we have seen hunting huns since 1986. Can't find them during the lows. Enjoy the bounty.
I just reviewed the 12 page detail my buddy got from GFP, and there’s a discrepancy in the data; the detailed report confirms that the NW is up 79% for pheasants, where as the summary report for all to
see shows the ‘22 pheasant count at 96 birds per 100 miles, and this year was 2023 was 113…that’s only about 20%…but the detailed report shows ‘22 at about 63 birds per 100 miles…a 79% increase. Bottom line, #’s are up a lot based on
these data sets.
Look at the ND GFP “news” in the next few days…it’ll show. You can dispute their #’s, that’s fine, but these are what they’ll be publishing.
I'll happily eat crow here...hard to believe those increases but happy to see them. I do think our coolish late July/early August with lots of dew had to have a big impact on the counts.
Hope these numbers are correct. This will be my 18th season hunting ND. The worst year I have seen was 2018 or 2019. Without a doubt 2007 - 2010 were the best. With all of the CRP loss , drought , harsh winters etc.... Its amazing to me that Pheasants are still stable or even improving some. Though it cost me some great spots , I can't help but to think that some of the e posting of private lands has protected some breeding stock and helped populations as a whole. It seems like most private lands near public lands are now eposted. Obviously this dosent mean that there's zero bird hunting on these parcels but maybe it has created some little refuges that the benefits outweigh the negatives?
Pheasants move about more than many believe. Especially if pressured (both public and private), harvest, or weather conditions drive them to change.

You never know when you step onto public land ...
Good hatches need good weather and habitat…I don’t think the E posting has had any influence…hunting doesn’t negatively influence #’s…one rooster can service 20+ hens…
Good point , and agree. I do think that hunting can cause other mortality other than the shot killing a bird. I know here in the south , flushing a covey of quail late evening before a cold night can really hurt a covey. Id have to think that hammering sloughs in the winter there in the late evenings could have the same effects ,especially in winter. Thanks for the response.