Bird Numbers - Trail Camera Pictures


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I found a nest about 2 weeks ago. Be careful feeding wildlife, it really isn't needed other than being able to take pictures. Corn can be hard to digest for rabbits. Nature provides everything that wildlife needs. The only intervention that man should do is habitat improvement. Leave feeding to mother nature.


We have our 40 trail cameras out in the CRP fields now, and have been picking up some great pictures of pheasant & quail. That habitat conditions are good, and it appears the winter carry over was very good as well. I'll try to post some more pictures every couple of weeks. Enjoy! View attachment 1483View attachment 1484View attachment 1485View attachment 1486View attachment 1487View attachment 1488View attachment 1489View attachment 1490View attachment 1491View attachment 1493
Love the pics. Thanks for sharing.
Enjoying bird watching through your camera ! How much hail did North central ks. get this week ? Not sure where your located but your certainly closer than me ! (Va.)