+++ Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2022 +++


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*** Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2022 ***

Here is your opportunity to be afield hunting wild roosters with your hunting buddies and dogs. You are also invited to come solo and make new friends while staying here.

Last fall was a bit tougher hunting due to drought conditions leading to farmers being allowed to cut hay on much of the public hunting areas. That doesn't mean that there weren't plenty of pheasants or that we didn't take our share. This winter was relatively easy on the birds. My friends who came back to hunt in December and January 2022 found lots of birds and no hunters! The fall 2022 season will again be very good.

This is my eighth season making my house available to hunters coming to South Dakota. Many of the guys have returned each year to hunt wild roosters. Some hunt five days where as several stay to hunt 10 and 15 days!

For 2020, South Dakota changed opening week from a noon opening hunt time to 10am start for every day of the season. They also extended the season to end January 31 giving hunters another full month to hunt! This speaks volumes as to how they feel the pheasant population has been.

My offer is for lodging with hunting on your own with your personal dogs. This is NOT a guided hunt. Hunting is excellent so no need to pay for private land access. If you would like to supplement the available public hunting with a day or two on private land I can share contacts I have made to hunt good farms for $100-150/gun/day depending on availability.

I can furnish references on request. Guys come from all over the country to stay at my house. Several guys who frequent this site have stayed here to hunt and many still do.

My house is set up for groups up to eight people. Six or more people will have the house to themselves.

For this coming South Dakota pheasant hunting season I have the following dates available:

October 14-18 ---- available -- $450 per person

October 19-23 ---- available -- $450 per person

November 25-29 ---- available -- $450 per person

Nov 30-Dec 4 ---- available -- $450 per person

December 5-9 ---- available -- $450 per person

December 10- 14 ---- available -- $450 per person

December 15-19 ---- available -- $450 per person

PM me here for my phone number to answer questions, provide specific details and make reservations.

Don't miss out on another year of fun :) Here are photos from 2021

Thanks for looking!

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Here are some answers to QUESTIONS:

I get $225 to book your dates. Balance $225 is due by September 15th

If you can't make it and tell me before August 1st I refund your full deposit right away.

If you tell me you tell me after August 1st then I will advertise to fill your spot or you can get someone to take your place. If that happens I refund ALL your deposit as soon as I receive the replacement deposit.

If you tell me after September 15 and I can't fill your cancellation there is no refund.

If you die I'll refund your money. I'll need to see the death certificate :) Haha, we both hope that doesn't occur 🤪

If I can fill your cancellation at any time I will refund all the money you have paid.

I'm a fair guy and like to be treated the same. I want guys to come have an enjoyable time.

If you come solo you can hunt alone. If you like the other guys there you can hunt together if you choose. There are no house rules pertaining to who you hunt with.

Yes $450 is the price. No added or hidden fees. It's five nights lodging. You take care of your own meals. Kitchen is well equipped for anything you choose to make. I have a gas BBQ grill. There are three refrigerators, a large upright freezer and a designated cleaned bird freezer.

I provide cable TV and WiFi internet for your computers and phones.

No dogs are allowed inside the house. Dogs are NOT allowed in the house! Guys have chosen to break that rule previously and their dogs ruined my furniture. NO DOGS IN THE HOUSE!!! If you can't abide by that rule then please don't come to my house.

I built a nice dog barn with 10 built-in kennels each having outside welded wire runs. The dogs are comfortable out there. I also have airline kennels in the garage if you prefer your dogs using them. Some guys choose to keep their dogs in their truck kennels. You have several options to make your dogs comfortable during your stay.

I'll help you with maps and places to hunt.

I have some contacts for hunting private land. That costs $100-250/gun/day. Up to you. Public hunting is good enough you shouldn't have to pay to hunt. Kinda depends on how good of a hunter and shot you are. I don't pay to hunt and I hunt 30 days straight. I kill lots of roosters.

Call me. Guys like staying at my house. I have lots of references if you want to ask someone other than me.

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Some of my dates filled quickly with my regular guys for this coming fall.

I don't usually put my available dates out until May. It just depends from year to year. No rush really. Check with your friends to see who can come out.



Not asking for an exact address or hotspotting by any means, but what part of the state are you in? Just trying to get an idea how many days of vacation this trip is gonna require. Thank you!

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I can hands down verify Bobby is a stand up guy. Stayed with him our first couple of years out there. A wealth of info and a great house set up for hunters. First year I had a guy back out late on us. I expected to eat his part of the trip. First night Bobby handed me back that guys amount since he was able to fill the spot. Didn’t have to. Also lots of options close by to hunt for sure. Good luck to everyone this fall and can’t wait for our trip.


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Thanks Matt. I'd forgotten about that. Fair is fair.

I've filled a few spots for this fall but still have plenty of good dates available for you guys. Send a PM to get started. Thanks!