Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2021 for SD Wild Pheasants


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UFC's Bruce Buffer says:

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt'sssss TIME! for the Main Event of the [season]!"

***Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2021***

Here is your opportunity to be afield hunting wild roosters with your best hunting buddies and dogs.

Last fall was nothing short of SPECTACULAR as far as pheasant numbers and smiles. All indicators say 2021 will be just the same. High bird numbers going into the winter, mild, open winter with minimal snow and without brutal cold temperatures gave the birds the best conditions to keep the numbers up going into nesting season.

One of my friends who lives near my house just told me they counted over sixty roosters along the road coming back from Pierre!

Last fall South Dakota changed opening week from a noon opening hunt time to 10am start for every day of the season. They also extended the season to end January 31 giving hunters another full month to hunt! This speaks volumes as to how they feel the pheasant population has been.

This is for lodging with hunting on your own. This is NOT a guided hunt. Hunting is excellent so no need to pay for private land access.

I can furnish references on request. Several guys who frequent this site have stayed here to hunt and many still do.

For this coming South Dakota pheasant hunting season I have the following dates available:

October 20-24 ---- 2 or 3 spots available -- $450 per person

December 2-6 ----3 spots available -- $450 per person

Various flexible dates are also available during December and January for a custom date package.

PM me here for phone number to answer questions and make reservations. Thanks!


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October 20-24 ---- 1 or 2 spots available -- $450 per person

December 2-6 ----3 spots available -- $450 per person


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I have December 12-31 and January 1-31, 2022 available.

How many guys? I like to close up the house at Christmas or end of December unless I get a number of guys to commit to late season dates..


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I understand, usually, its just me. Just wondering, If I were to pay you a cash fee to hunt property
for a day or 2. I could stay in a local motel/hotel. No worries, just enjoy hunting your state. I was
able to get out NE of Pierre last Jan. and had a blast.

Dennis Vandergriff
Carlos, MN. 56319


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Had a black lab. He had looks similar to yours, nice looking dog.
Got a 6 year old red lab now.


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