Back after a long absence, looking for help


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Hi all,

well, after a several year absence, I am back. Started back into hunting after not being able to for the last couple of years, but all set now. I am looking for a trained Springer or Black Lab. Basically, I want a crate trained, house broke male springer preferably, lab second. I have a lab already, so thinking about a springer this time around.

Anyway, if you have the knowledge of anyone that can help me in my search, please let me know. I am not a field trial guy or anything, but have thought about trying the hunt test scene out and learning there.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I see from one of your previous posts that you are in Minneapolis. I would suggest that you contact FCSpringer on this site. Or you can visit his web site at: Ken might be able to help you out, he has some outstanding Springers. Good luck.

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I know right now is a less than perfect time to get a puppy (& that you've asked for a trained dog), but if a puppy is an option, I can put you in touch w/ someone near Miller, SD who has 3 springers unspoken for, including 1 male. They're about 5 wks old, fabulous dogs, & would be relatively VERY inexpensive (up front cost). Thinking less than $500. PM me if interested.
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