870 Wingmaster

I started with an 870 Wingmaster like many people, 20ga fixed modified choke. I used it for everything I hunted as it was the only shotgun available to me.

I've killed hundreds of pheasants, thousands of duck, hundreds of geese, a few turkeys, dozens of deer (with that modified choke bird barrel), a few timberdoodles, hundreds of rabbits, and a number feral cats, pigeons, starlings, crows, and only a few squirrels.

Never once in when I pulled the trigger did it not fire or feed the next shell. It's been dropped, stepped on, dunked in the water, mud, and abused by an early teen, 20 year old who now knows better. I think you can even hammer nails with it. Too bad the 870 of today make me want to puke.


Why do they want to make you puke? The Wingmasters are still made to be nice guns, at least that’s what I’ve heard. The Express models are cheap versions of the 870 and some of those have issues but my 20 gauge Express has never missed a beat.


Yeah, I have 870s of nearly every vintage. The most resent one is 2015 and is as good as any.

If they didn’t have the Express I don’t think they could sell enough of the fancier ones.


New wingmasters are excellent. One of the absolute finest guns you can get $ for $. I’ve owned about every era, and while I prefer the looks of the white line spacer era, my 2017 wingmaster is as nice a gun as Remington ever made.


I think he's referring to the 870 Express. That said, they will probably last forever without the fit & finish .