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    Sporting Dog Veterinarian

    Hello All, who has a vet that they wouldn't trade for anything. I have had Cookie to our local vets office once a week for the last three weeks, had a number of x-rays, blood and urine tests. 7 different types of pills ( try that twice a day) to no avail. She is experiencing respiratory...
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    Veterans Day Hunting

    Great weather for the Veterans day release. There were quite a few hunters out today. I thought there would be more posts. I let the children take a day off school today and tag along. We got onto a bird a hundred yards or so from the truck. I thought we would hit our limit right then, We took...
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    Well Let's hear about opening day....

    Anxiously waiting for reports and pics. :) Please feed our addiction SD residents :thumbsup Thanks:
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    What's new with Ohio's bird hunters?

    Let's hear from you. Anyone have anything new, new dog, guns, trucks? Trips planned? How's the off season been ? Youth hunt's scheduled? Let's get this board going
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    Is anyone getting late season hunting in?

    the site has been pretty slow. Has anyone been out? :confused:
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    Exited for opening day 2015

    So, what's everyone's plans for Opening day? Even with all that I have read about opening day on public land, I am anxiously waiting to get out in the morning. As I look over and see Cookie, my 16 month old GSP sleeping on the couch, I can't help but wonder if she realizes the adventure that...
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    New to the forum from Ohio

    Hello, I stumbled upon the site as I was looking for release dates in Ohio. I must say this is great site for like minded bird hunters. I have read many forums, but never have joined one. I have hunted practically all of my life from the time I was 16 in the western part of PA, then we moved to...