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  • I am looking for a new shotgun this year. Is there an opportunity to shoot a 612 field pump around the Kansas city area this spring/summer.

    Thanks Kevin
    Yes, Factory pull should be 7lbs and if over will be taken down to 7 under warranty. Double trigger guns by nature generally have heavy pulls.
    hi as some of these post show, powder is getting hard to find. I, as I like a two trigger gun and thinking pretty hard about a 20 ga. mallard. I own two bobwhites in 410 and 28 ga. the reviews show that with the gun I am looking at a 9 lb. trigger pull and that just maybe each trigger pull will be different. can you clear some of this up
    Just saw your message. Visitor messages go un seen or no notice for them till we stumble on them. Thanks I will get in touch. Ken
    Do you still have any of the youth hunting apparel/supplies? I missed the thread for weeks apparently and I was ps'd when I finally noticed. My boys are right behind yours. I'd probably buy everything you have left!
    Sounds good. I live at 79th and Rosehill and work in 110th and just west of Metcalf. Grew up in ND and went to school in Lawrence, don't hold that against me. I really only bird hunt anymore, deer hunting got too expensive once the old man in Miami County passed away and lost access to his ground.
    Good news: I just talked with Carol Durtschi at Pheasants Forever and she can save us a table at the main banquet on Saturday night (or the dinner on Friday night) as long as we have 10 paying customers.

    Here is what you need to do to RSVP your seat: Call Carol at p. (651) 209-4939 | f. (651) 773-5500 | Toll Free. 877-773-2070 .

    Have your Credit card ready to pay for whatever portion of weekends events you want to buy and tell her you are part of Chris Hitzeman - Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Group. If you have already sent in your aplication or paid online no problem just Call carol and mention that and also that you are part of the UPH group. In any case you have to call Carol and RSVP for the table and which night you will attend (and the lunch too). WE NEED 10 to get one reserved!!! Please also give her you UPH Forum User name.

    DEADLINE FOR BANQUET SIGN UP IS JAN. 31. Carol will keep the master list for the dinners and lunches so I will know who is going.
    Yes they do and it will be like a pumpkin patch. Last weekend up there was bad with the rain and all so I fully expect it to be pretty crowded. I am heading that way with the kid @ 2:30 to hunt some private ground we have access too. . Our trip to W KS was cxled.
    hey how are you i was wanting to go to valley falls this weekend do they allow rifle hunts on the public there? not really interested if they are deer rifle hunting out there? thanks
    I want to talk to you about a possible breeding next cycle. Also my buddy was out west for the youth opener and saw a good number of birds. send me your email and I will send you some pics of Ellie... Also have an artilce I will send you about my Britts.
    I do have a male that isn't fixed. He's a good looking dog w/ a heckuva nose.

    No, I won't be in NC KS for the opener. I'll be in Pawnee and Gray counties.
    Yes Sir, we may be able to do lunch. Nothing is ever a certainty though when it comes to the opener schedule. We'll be on the S end of Pawnee so it would be quite a drive for lunch.
    Well rush county is full of birds. Saw 50 Roosters yesterday morning NE of La Crosse on on stretch of road about 1/2 mile long. Heard a bunch too running thru the grass across the road from the ranch. By all means I will be there for the opener hunting with my traditional posse of guys I have hunted with for 20 years...I'll deer in a deer stand that weekend so I can focus on birds after that. Good luck I prob will have lunch in La Crosse or Ruch Center/ Timkin if you in the neighborhood call me 816-591-4938 would like to finally eet.
    Sounds like I'll be there for the youth opener....probably at the N end of Rush b/c it is pretty close and it is usually pretty good. I'll probably end up back at my dad's in Pawnee for the opener. Traditions are hard to break when others are involved. I wanted to go to NW again, but the family has other ideas.
    Funny I have a buddy from that part of the world. I also hunt in Abilene alot. I will be hunting from La crosse to Rush center and will prob have lunch by Timken at this dive on 96 hwy. We have a posse of Chevy's 3 truck and a suburban. You can't miss us.
    Great... thanks of the heads up. If your hunting around their on the opener and see a Black Chevy HD1500 with a Kick'em Up sticker on the back window. That will be me. Thanks for all your help and Kick'em Down! By the way where you from?
    Yikes, sounds to be tough like SD was. I hunt both private and walk in rush county. I think it will be best to hunt them early on the roost and late on the way back to the roost. That is what we had to do in SD 2 weeks ago and were able to scratch out a limit both days. Have you heard any thing on the Quail numbers ????
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