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    Texas quail & pheasants 2021-22

    Curious how you guys did hunting in Texas 2021-22. Thanks
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    Lab wanted

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    Lab wanted

    I'm interested in purchasing a female Lab (black or yellow, pup or adult). Please let me know if you know of one for sale. I'm in the Dallas area and am willing to travel a reasonable distance to see the dog. Thank you
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    Opening Weekend in Kansas

    From where did you get your dog? Thanks
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    Opening Weekend in Kansas

    Good luck to everyone! I wish I could be there.
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    Heart Attack Survivors - Any Tips?

    Hello Everyone: I recently had a heart attack and would appreciate information from any of you who have also experienced that "exciting" experience: How long did you wait after the attack before you began hunting pheasants & quail again? What precautions did you take to help insure your...
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    2014-15, KS pheasants, It's not too early is it????

    My 10 week old Lab pup is already asking about the upcoming season in SW KS. I would appreciate predictions/news from the "locals" so I can tell him something. We hunted there once last year. It was fun to go but the birds were almost non-existent. Thanks!
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    Double Barrel opinions

    Hello: I'd appreciate information from anyone who has experience using a side-by-side DB. I use an O/O and like it but am considering getting a S-b-S. Also, I'd appreciate your thoughts about Stoeger guns. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    It's Always Something...

    The late Gilda Radner portrayed a character on Saturday Night Live named Roseanne Roseannadanna whose most famous line was "It's always something, if it ain't one thing, it's another." I was reminded of those famous words last night while thinking about some issues I've encountered over the last...
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    New to SD: Please advise

    Hi: I have never hunted in SD but am considering doing so this season. I would appreciate tips on the best areas of the state for pheasants and waterfowl. Thank you!