Texas quail & pheasants 2021-22

Quail numbers in the Rolling Plains, west Texas, and the panhandle were low, again, so I mainly worked dogs and took very few quail. Quail numbers in Deep South Texas were really good, but access to places to hunt is extremely limited down there due to nearly all land tied up in high dollar deer leases. I got an invite to hunt near Hebbronville in February and had a good hunt.

Pheasant numbers in the panhandle haven’t been good in several years. Loss of CRP, changes in farming practices, and droughts every 2-3 years have pretty much put the final nails in the coffin for pheasant hunting in Texas.

Take a look back at the number of communities that used to have opening weekend pheasant hunts as fund raisers for groups like the local Lions Club and Volunteer Fire Departments and see how many of those still take place (very few). That will give you an idea how much pheasant numbers have dropped to historic lows in the Texas panhandle.
I hunt in the SW part of the panhandle. Only hunted quail one day, and didn't see a bird. Places that in '15 and '16, the same walks would've produced 5 or 6 covies for sure. Pretty depressing.
Texas was rough last year, I agree with everything said above. On the flip side it made me get out of my routine and explore a lot of new country. It was really exciting to pick a place on a map, put dogs on the ground and see what happens.