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  • Hi Chris,

    Just read your report - sorry, I seem to miss the notification. It was very cold when you were planning to hunt!
    Hi Chris,

    Looking forward to your Faulkton hunting report. Tough weather, huh

    Happy New Year.

    Hello Chris, yes my chances of having a hunt later this year are good. We went the third week or so around the Pierre area and had some decent luck hunting public. Nothing like the past but near what we expected. I was thinking of possibly heading that way around the same time frame depending on weather, etc. I'd probably be alone or just my son again as my hunting partners down here don't want to go up again this year.
    Thanks for the report. Glad you took your daughter. That kind of heat is brutal on the labs! Good luck with your December hunt. I'll tell him you said hello and I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday season. Look forward to reading your next trip report.
    Hey IL,
    I just logged in to send you a message and you beat me to it. I have not hunted pheasants at all this year as I have been working as a consultant over in Malaysia. With all the bad reports, I'm not sure I'm gonna make the trek this year. If I do, it will be over X-mas time as I arrive back in the states in mid Dec. My friends who have lots of private land access around Huron said they lost at least 50% of their cover this year with all the haying/grazing and burning. What were your observations? How did the hunt go? Give me some good details as I'm living vicariously through you, lol.

    Great meeting you and the other folks and sharing the hunt on Monday. We enjoyed the time together and did ok the rest of the week and found birds that we sometime shot and hit. Did much better in the Sac county areas than anywhere else but found lots of areas with lots of pressure and lots of hens. I hope your trips south and to SD go well
    Hello! Good to hear from you again. Let me know of the details once you have them. I could be interested.
    Who is going up North with you on opening weekend? I know you said your brother was comming, just curious how many people? 12 days!!!!!!
    Sounds good to me, I dont have many spots. Last was the first year I had been hunting for mushrooms in like 10 years. What the hell was I thinking?
    Ready for some mushroom hunting? I think that they might come early this year, what do you think? Last year was not very good for me because we didnt find alot.
    Hi Chris,

    Anything new from Trusty? Trying to stay warm here...may have a "preserve " hunt sometime this week if the weather permits. We're sitting for our granddaughter while she takes a break in Mexico so the week is rather jammed.


    I am from central Georgia. Always had a dream of hunting pheasants in South Dakota so I am trying to learn all I can. Maybe one day soon I will talk my brother into going up there with me to give it a try. At least we will see a lot of new scenery even if we don't do well at the hunting.
    Can't see myself paying for the guided hunts and lodges deal. Way too much money for my budget. More into hunting on the public areas. That's how I hunted deer for years here in GA. But being so far away doesn't give me the chance to learn the better areas to hunt. That is where all you forum posters come into play.
    Hi Iowa Labs:
    We'll have to meet sometime to hunt. The numbers have really been down this year. I've been so bummed. I have tons of relatives in South Dakota...around the Armour area. That is where my Mom is from. I've always wanted to go...should prolly get a license. Where do you like to go out there?
    Rooster Fetcher (Cara)
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