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  • Boomer,
    Not sure how to use this visitor set-up (barely know how to use the regular forum & PM)...But, both Yes & No to your question. I am a minister, but not a "pastor". I am an evangelist at heart & work for a rather large evangelistic/missions organization something like Billy Graham's...Don't know if you have ever heard of David Wilkerson, 'Cross & Switchblade', Teen Challenge, World Challenge Inc., Times Square Church - but I work under the umbrella of that ministry...I was mostly just playin about the cussin' (but wouldn't dare lie & say that I have NEVER once done it as a Christian). :) I do like attempting to reach out to my fellow sportsmen in a non-overbearing/not-so-superspiritual way!

    I would love the chance to get to know you a bit more! What type of churches do you & your brother pastor?

    Blessings On You, Your Family & Your Ministry,
    Roger Hayslip
    610-737-8711 (cell phone)
    Well, the col is not bad out here and right now, unemployment is low compared to the rest of the country. You can always retire, find a part time job and still have some time to recreate. Sounds like you are about 55?
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