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    Vehicle Purchase

    I did that when the kids were young. The SUV with third row seats worked the best for family and was adequate for hunting trips. When the kids got older, moved out, I went back to a pickup. Seasons in life are short.
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    SD Open Fields Doctrine soon to be gone.

    Motive is always behind the scenes in my opinion. Some people are bad and their motive is to poach. They should be stopped. Sometimes the motive of the officer is wrong and they need to be kept in check. Case in point...
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    New from Southern WI

    Welcome to the site. Good luck with the pup. Post some pics so we can see him/her as well.
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    Question for anyone who has ever bought a pup from a breeder

    Thanks for the input this is what I am looking for. I would welcome a guy like you as a client. Nothing that you said should scare any good breeder. One thing I am taking away from your thoughts is some testimonials. Most of my clients come off of recommendations but that is a good idea for my...
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    One thing you learned

    I learned to listen to your body! I hunted a lot in December. North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. I was dealing with some what I called mild heart burn. It wasn't all the time but just enough that I carried Tums or Rolaids with me. On Dec. 30th I had a strong attack of heartburn that...
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    Question for anyone who has ever bought a pup from a breeder

    Steve, you are right. I do like to give people the option to pick the dog they want. But I spend a lot of time with them and just because the little girl puppy has a cute pink ribbon, doesn't mean she is the one for you! (By the way we don't put pink collars on any of them now for that very...
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    Season Wrap Up

    Thanks for the invite John! I just might take you up on that someday. We do have some woodcock in MInnesota but it is usually a bonus bird when you are grouse hunting. If I am ever in SC I will look you up!
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    Question for anyone who has ever bought a pup from a breeder

    Hey guys, As you all know I breed and sell Golden Retrievers. I have been doing it long enough that I know pretty much what people are looking for when they show up to get a pup. But sometimes the farther away you are from that side of the equation the harder it gets to see the buyers...
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    Season Wrap Up

    Great pics of the Timber Doodles! Is there much for public land in SC?
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    Season Wrap Up

    That is some good work for public land hunting. You two are definitely a team!
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    Golden Retriever Training

    Tim Springer from Dynamic Retrievers has a DIY program. You send videos to him weekly of your progress and he gives you pointers and tips on what to work on next and how to handle difficult issues with your dog. I have seen a guy work through the program and trained an awesome dog! Tim has...
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    The Flush

    I watched that episode yesterday as well. Brought a tear or two to my eyes as I remembered some of the great dogs I have owned.
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    First time bird dog questions

    Remember you hunt with them for maybe 4 months out of a year. The rest of the time it is a pet so you better like the dog. I am partial to Golden's!
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    How to judge a good bird dog?

    Yep I do like to help people fill their limits, but when I guide I don't even carry a gun. So for me the dog work is a lot of the fun.
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    Hello from Indiana! New puppy!

    Welcome. Nothing funner than watching your young pup turn into a hunting machine.