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  • Freebyrd, it looks like you have a golden! Where did you get him/her from? I am a golden lover and breed hunting goldens. Always on the lookout for a good one!
    Thanks Matt....I'm still sick. Right now these traps can be anywhere on public land, and unfortunately this is where I always hunt for grouse and pheasant. Comments that I get from the trapping community are heartless. It's just unbelievable that they can't come up with a way to separate the trappers and hunters. How are you supposed to keep your dog out of a trap baited with meat? There's going to be some legislation going to be put forward in MN to get the conibear traps off up the ground. They've tried before though and were unsuccessful. It just doesn't seem right to have to carry around zip ties so you can hope to get your dog out of a trap alive.

    In any event, some new puppies have been born and I get my new golden in March. The breeder sends me pictures, it's very bittersweet.
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